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Horizon Housing Development Company was established in 2003 as a Missouri Non Profit Corporation. The impetus for this incorporation came from the Board and Staff of the St. Louis Office for Development Disability Resources. For some time the Board and Staff had expressed concerns over the quality and availability of housing options for St. Louis City Residents with developmental disabilities.

As a quasi-governmental agency, St. Louis Office for DD Resources principal role is to allocate funds received from the sheltered workshop tax on real estate in the City of St. Louis to provide services to city residents with developmental disabilities. Under Missouri law, DD Resources can fund agencies to provide programs or provide programs directly.

In 2003, DD Resources submitted an application to HUD for a permanent housing project for individuals with developmental disabilities. This application provided funds for staffing, operations and services for three years. HUD accepted the application as part of St. Louis City’s program to end homelessness.

The HUD grant did not allocate funds for purchase of building, renovations or rental support. DD Resources purchased three buildings for the project. It was decided early on that DD Resources should not be a landlord or be in the role of a providing both support and residential services to individuals case managed by case managers employed by DD Resources.

Horizon Housing was established at this point to take deed to the three buildings and become the housing provider to the programs participants. The first board would be composed of the board officers of the DD Resources board of Directors. However, it was stated at the beginning that HHDC would be a separate entity at some time in the near future. With this in mind, separate budgets, accounts, insurance were put in place in the beginning. A management agreement was signed that provided management support for Horizon Housing from DD Resources.

In June of 2007 a new board was formed for Horizon Housing composed of volunteers with interest in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and homelessness. With this board in place the formal separation for DD Resources occurred on June 30, 2007.

Since 2007, HHDC purchased with funding from DD Resources three additional buildings to support individuals with developmental disabilities.